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"I had never received any formal trainings in jazz. I listened to a lot of jazz, watched many people play, and tried to imitate them. I was a self-taught jazz musician, and needed help. Aron gladly stepped in to fill that role.

Working with Aron has taken me to the next level. I play the piano, and he plays the drums. Through jam sessions, I grew tremendously as a musician. He was able to educate, inspire, and impact my life. His use of fundamentals-- like comping with the Charleston or other basic styles-- and building off those styles really helps develop a player. He also emphasizes listening to others. Many teachers-- especially in classical-- focuses on solo playing. Aron, however, focuses both on the solo aspect of jazz as well as the group setting. Whether beginner or professional, Aron is able to add a new dimension of jazz. He starts everyone from the beginning and works them up. He is able to work at any pace, and understands his students very well.

Aron is both a friend and a mentor. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning the art of jazz to work with Aron."

"Aron has a different approach to teaching music. He shows students how to use their musical abilities to not only improve their own lives, but to improve the lives of those around them. Aron introduced me to a more spiritual aspect of music, which opened my eyes and helped me understand the power that music can have on people. He believes in hard work, but he knows the importance of enjoying the learning process. He is also a student himself; He is constantly pursuing new musical pathways and finding ways to become a better drummer, and a better teacher. If you want to take your music education to a higher level, then talk to Aron Murillo."

"Through my learning experience with Aron I learned a lot about myself; I grew as a person and a musician. His methods in music can easily be applied in life. He showed me the basics, which rooted my foundation in drumming; From then on he just helps you build from there. The thing that stuck with me was how fast i developed, even though he was never hard on me. He's the kinda person that makes you want to be there and makes you want to come back to show him this new lick/groove you learned. What was different was that when I showed him the lick I learned he would say "You know what would sound cool on top of that?" He would then show me a groove to go over it that was challenging enough to make me want to go spend hours behind a drum kit to learn it. I would put my own spin on the groove just so we could go through a never-ending cycle of learning. If you are looking to be challenged and to really grow, Aron is the guy for you."

Seven time Grammy Signature School -Northwood High School

 During a typical school year, Aron will be involved with several schools, Non-profits and  Instrumental, Vocal and Theater Arts programs all across California as a Clinician, Music Director, and as a Performer. This includes Marching Bands, Percussion Ensembles, Concert Bands, String Ensembles, Guitar Ensembles, Big Bands, and Small Combos at all levels


Arons has had the opportunity to study Music with many of California's established drummers such as

 Matt Johnson, Ralph Humphrey , Joe Porcaro & Russ Miller and continues to develop his craft of Music through performance and attending master classes.

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